What do our customers say?

I LOVE your [Strength roll-on]! I spend most of my work day and travel time surrounded by sneezing, coughing members of the public. Since I started using [Strength], I have not had one articulate cold! I love that it's made with simple ingredients, smells good and works! This is good stuff, thank you for bringing it to the world.
- Tarita T., Oakland, CA

Your Arnica Angel Oil makes all the difference in my daily movement, balance, no more meds!!!! Big thank you!
- Frank C., Oakland, CA

I bought the Arnica Angel oil and tried it on my husband's lower back and right knee (the two places that give him the most trouble). A few minutes later he asked me what I put on his knee and told me he had no pain. He used the oil again in the morning before work and at 7.15 he called me to say "I am walking into work right now with no pain - that stuff is a miracle!'. He loves it and uses it every day and it really helps him. I started trying it on some of my clients (I'm a massage therapist) and right away they loved it too. It has a nice mild scent. Tray this product. It really works, it's a miracle.
- Dianne R, Concord, CA

I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis in my back. I was shocked at how well Arnica Angel kills the pain. I don't carry pain killers with me any more, just my bottle of Arnica Angel. This is the first topical pain reliever that I have ever used that has actually worked.
- Nemat G., Benecia, CA

As an older health care professional, I was very skeptical of "aroma therapy". However, I received some Healing Essence as gifts. I used Sweet Dreams one night when I was having difficulty sleeping. About a half hour later, I drifted off to sleep and awakened feeling refreshed without the "drug hangover" that a sleeping pill can give.

The other time Healing Essence surprised me was when I was extremely anxious that I might have made a mistake at work that day. After applying Tranquility, (again after about 20 minutes), I was more rational, realized that with or without the mistake I could deal with whatever happened. I was able to enjoy my evening without worrying! Thank you Healing Essence.

- Diane S., Berkeley, CA

I used the Arnica Angel on my knuckles where I have mild arthritis and an application once a week has eliminated the pain and made the joint more flexible. It really worked wonders for me.
- Milt B., Berkeley, CA

I gave my mother Sweet Dreams as a gift and she slept like a baby despite having a sore throat.
- Tim D., The Netherlands

I love your Arnica Angel and Cranium Cure products! I used the Arnica Angel to ease the discomfort of my menstrual cramps and the Cranium Cure for the associated migraine. The pain was gone relatively quickly and in no time I was out having Margaritas and dancing with friends! I'll definitely be recommending your products. Keep on bringing the healing!
- Tarita T., Oakland, CA

Recently I was in Oakland on a short trip to visit friends and my knee was aching so badly that I was worried it was going to ruin the weekend. We had lots of walking planned and every step was painful. That's when I was introduced to Healing Essence Arnica Angel by a friend. She told me it really worked and to try hers. I was amazed, within minutes I was feeling some relief. I continued to use it a few times a day over the weekend (after purchasing my own bottle) and couldn't believe the difference it made. It truly saved the weekend for me and I'm still using it for sore muscles or the occasional stiff neck.
- Katheryn F., Portland, OR

Tranquility really puts me at ease every time I roll it on at night and breathe the scent. I wake up refreshed and put to relaxed mode. I thank you for the Tranquility. It brightens me from morning to night.
Katisha A., Oakland, CA

Your Arnica Angel aromatherapy has really done wonders for me. I have used it for severe menstrual cramping and back pain. It really works and allows me to get through my work-day. I recommend your products to my clients and friends regularly.
- Bekah H., Oakland, CA

I put some Arnica Angel in my bath and it was the most amazing experience!
- Marnica S., Oakland, CA