About Healing Essence

At Healing Essence small batches of organic aromatherapy products are hand-blended with love. Our products have been formulated by internationally-trained aromatherapist, Erica Straus, known for creating unique sensory experiences. Natural plant essential oils are selected for their purity and therapeutic properties, making our blends extremely effective.

At Healing Essence we only use organic ingredients in our blends. Many so-called 'organic' aromatherapy blends are not 100% organic - they commonly use an organic base but not organic essential oils. Essential oils are extremely concentrated, meaning that any toxins polluting them will also be extremely concentrated. So while they may only make up a small percentage of the blend, the negative impact of failing to use organic essential oils will be amplified. At Healing Essence, we believe it is important that we only use organic essential oils in an organic base.